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Phentermine Pills Cheap - Buy Phentermine South Africa


Phentermine Pills Cheap - Buy Phentermine South Africa

This spring mineral water drawn from a natural source has soothing therapeutic properties due to its unique composition and very low mineral content.

Rich in beneficial ingredients to the skin such as silica, pure, bacteriologically sterile and safe, Eau de Treignac is an essential soothing treatment for sensitive, hypersensitive, intolerant and irritated skin.

Soothing and Protective Action
• Due to its high proportion of silica, a trace element
essential for the synthesis of collagen and elastin
fibers in the skin, Eau de Treignac leaves an
anti-inflammatory “BIO MINERAL PATCH” on the
skin’s surface. It instantly calms irritation, helps
restore the skin’s protective barrier function, and
provides effective, long lasting protection.
Moisturizing and Refreshing Action
• The MIST Spray helps maintain your skin’s proper
moisture balance, suppleness and softness through
intense hydration. It gives an immediate sensation
of freshness and well-being due to its ultra-fine mist.
Spray (then gently pat dry) a fine mist of Eau de
Treignac on your skin at any time of the day after an
aesthetic/surgical treatment, sunburn, makeup removal,
shaving, hair removal, sports activities; in case of
irritation, redness, itching; while traveling or to rehydrate
skin in heated or dry air-conditioned spaces.


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