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Phentermine Buy Online India - Phentermine 37.5 Cheap Online


Phentermine Buy Online India - Phentermine 37.5 Cheap Online

Stylage Skin Pro Soothing Repairing Cream is a restorative skin care product ideal for damaged and sensitive skin after medical aesthetic or beauty procedures.

Thanks to its light, non-greasy gel-cream texture, it can be both used on the face and body to moisturize and soothe skin sensitized by other daily irritations (e.g. after sun exposure, cold, shaving, hair removal, etc.).
• Fragrance-free formula, colorant-free
Soothing Action
• Reduces skin redness, irritation and inflammation
(Acetylated Pro-Vitamin B5)
• Soothes and calms sensitized skin (Anionic polysaccharide
rich in Rhamnose + Hexapeptide with neurocalming
action + Sucrose Octasulfate Sodium Salt + Eau de
Moisturizing Action
• Improves elasticity and hydration of the damaged area
(Anionic polysaccharides incl. Hyaluronic Acid + Glycomolecules
+ Sorbitol)
Skin repair Action
• Provides a calming neurological effect (Hexapeptide)
• Promotes healing and repair process (Octasulfate Sucrose
• Redensifies skin in depth (Stabilized Vitamin C:
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate)
Apply the gel-cream to clean, dry skin twice daily (morning and
evening) during 7-14 days following aesthetic interventions. For
additional moisturization, follow application with a fine and light
mist of Eau de Treignac Spray from STYLAGE® Skin Pro line.
Pump bottle 50ml.


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