PDO Thread Training

PDO Thread lifting foundation level

Aims & objectives

  • Our goals are for delegates to be competent in the use of multi cog threads for upper face, mid face and lower face lifting, and use monos and screws for facial rejuvenation, skin tightening and lipolysis
  • Understand Anatomical considerations of the procedure
  • Watch Live Demos performed by, two very experienced cosmetic doctors, Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward
  • Delegates to perform the procedures and put what they have learnt into practice under close supervision for upper face, mid face and lower face lifting
  • Be taught how to avoid & manage  complications



Delegates will be trained to competently use 3 different types of PDO threads:  Monos, Screws and Cogs. The foundation level  training course will cover the classic five point lift which addresses both upper and lower face lifting, Facial & neck Rejuvenation & reduction of the double chin area.

******The course fee is £850 plus VAT, this includes all materials used on the day.*******

You will receive training in the anatomy covering the entry points, anchoring points, landmarks and danger zones that will be integral in the technique. You will learn specific protocols and a step by step method to safely perform this technique.


The day will start  with an introduction to PDO threads, briefly touching on the history of thread lifting, then cover technique, protocols, patient selection criteria, indications, contraindications, how to prevent side effects, how to treat complications, taking a focused  medical history and physical exam, cosmetic consultation, marking out skin laxity and vectors,  photography, & all materials and supplies needed,

Drs Manning. & Woodward will demonstrate the procedure on a live model following full patient assessment and facial marking, after which the first delegate will begin their training session, guided and supervised by either Dr Manning or Dr Woodward.  A variety of procedures and techniques will be taught during the day – including “the 5 point face lift”, jawline lift and tightening the neck and double chin area.

Delegates will receive a 60 page manual containing , the anatomy, diagrams and instructions for each of the procedures, as well as sample consent forms and further advice and tips. Delegates will also be able to access our post course mentoring service, to help you with any queries you may have.  We understand how daunting it can be treating your first patient after completing your course so we will be in hand to mentor you through.

Delegates must bring their own model and training must be hands on to qualify for insurance purposes. The full course fee must be paid in advance in order to secure place.


9.00-9.30am Coffee, registration & introductions

Delegate objectives discussed


10:00 am ·         PDO theory covering:-

·         The History of Thread Lifting

·         PDO Mode of Action

·         Different types of PDO Threads

·         Facial Anatomy

·         PDO Thread Indications

·         Contra-Indications

·         Danger Zones

·         Side Effects and Complications

·         Consent Forms

·         Pre-Treatment Preparation

·         Post-Treatment Procedures

·         Patient Aftercare

·         PDO Thread Insertion Protocols

11:00 am Coffee
11:15 am Dr Manning/Woodward demonstration of 5 point lift, facial rejuvenation, jaw line contouring and lipolysis of double chin. Starting with patient assessment, managing expectations, consent, facial marking, and injection techniques,
12.00 Hands On Training with First Two delegates
13.00 Lunch
13:45 Delegates 3/4 practical 1:1 training
14.45 Delegates 4/6 practical 1:1 training
15.45 coffee
16.00 Q/A session & feedback


Why this course? 


  • Rosmetics has teamed up with Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward who have built up their knowledge through over 10 years of treating patients on a daily basis in their own clinic, River Aesthetics, Lymington
  • The course is Fully endorsed by Hamilton Fraser Insurance
  • All courses are limited to 6 delegates
  • We prioritise aftercare and support and this can include working alongside you
  • One to one business advice can be offered to beginners who are starting up. Dr Victoria Manning is on the business panel at Aesthetic Medicine live talking about how they have grown their business over the past year
  • One to one mentoring available

Following the course, what support will I receive?

Delegates will be given the opportunity to take away a Rosmetics starter pack of PDO threads.  This pack will contain everything you need for your first patient, from suture packs down to syringes and gauze.  Further threads can also be purchased on the day directly from Rosmetics

Rosmetics is happy to offer advice and guidance should you have any questions following completion of the course. We can be contacted by phone or email.

Any clinical questions will be directed to our trainers Dr Manning & Dr Woodward


Requirements for the course

This course is for doctors, nurses & dentists only. Registration numbers will be checked at the time of booking

We expect delegates to be competent in the use of Cannulas prior to the course


Advanced Training is also Available