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Rosmetics has recently developed a wholesale business, we now sell to other clinics. The products which Rosmetics sells are used in our own clinic so therefore we trust and believe they are of the highest quality. Rosmetics has the sole right to sell VI products in the UK, and also distribute Stylage HA Filler, Magic Needles, Regen PRP, Threads and Revitacare products. Most of our products can be shipped to clinics by the next day if ordered before 12 noon.

VI chemical peels and skin care

For all skin types

Stylage HA Filler

With added Mannitol and IPN like technology

Blunt Cannulae

Reduces patient discomfort , bleeding and swelling.

Regen PRP

Uses an all-in-one system with separating gel

A Swiss Group Threads

PDO Monos, multi directional cogged and spiral. Spring threads.

Revitacare Mesotherapy Products

Includes a highly effective haircare

Stylage Skin Pro


VI Derm Daily Care

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