PDO Threads

Our Threads come in different forms:

Threads RE

RE thread has no sawing effect on the tissue, it slides in without causing any damage to it. The thread is hollow and inert. It does not absorb germs or toxins, thus preventing purulence.

RE threads presence in the tissues of the body and face stimulates the growth of new fibre layers that synthesize their own collagen and elastin. Dermis is getting firmer, more elastic and moisturized. Thread matrix generates a new capillary system of lymph and blood microcirculation, which restores the normal physiological metabolism and enriches tissues with oxygen. A collagen-elastin coating, which works as the skin lattice, forms around the thread. This process restores bio-structure of the skin and tissues in general. As a result, your skin colour is more even, the skin gets firmer and more elastic, you get a lifting effect, and your blood circulation improves. Your skin glows with youth.


RE threads

  • Complete absorption within 180 – 240 days;
  • The threads are very thin, elastic, but very strong;
  • No ‘saw effect’ in tissues, unlike in other threads;
  • Thread has an absolutely homogeneous structure, zero capillarity, which prevents germs from getting inside the thread and developing septic complications;
  • The thread elastically straightens in the tissues, which enhances its lifting effect;
  • The material is sterile and apyrogenic (non-allergenic, inert);
  • One of the numerous advantages of RE threads is the ability to adjust muscle tonus without damaging microcirculation (intensify or relax, depending on the technique used to insert the thread in relation to the muscle fibre). This feature allows using the thread to substitute for the botulinum toxin to correct lines on the forehead and around the eyes.




  • Newton-cog’s idea is the realization of the true lifting against the gravity.
  • N-cog is a multiple bidirectional barbed PDO which designed to make up the existing treads’ weakness like skin dimpling and tread cutting after the tread treatment.
  • The unique design of N-Cog prevents the skin pucker formation after the tread treatment by disperse the force on tread.
  • It efficiently designed to lift up the entire treatment area evenly by the precise researching for the right treatment.


  • Simple treatment process
  • Lift up the entire treatment area evenly
  • Persisting effect even the tread cutting
  • Contouring effect


Derma Spring

WHAT’S the Derma spring?!

The PDO with elastic force

Derma spring is a coil type PDO tread which twisted to one direction like spring. It designed to make up the existing Tornado shape PDO’s untied problems after the skin insertion.

Before Derma spring, existing twisted PDO just working like mono thread in the skin.

Unlike the other twisted PDO, Derma spring can keep it’s elastic force by special shape. The inserted Derma- spring can increase the physical stimulation to skin so that skin itself can create more collagen fibre and cytokine for regeneration. Thread, Derma spring, itself has augmentation effect, therefore it has wonderful volume up effect and skin tightening effect in the skin.

Major features of Derma spring

  1. Elastic force effect by spring shape PDO
  2. Continuous physical stimulation to skin
  3. Increase composition of collagen
  4. Increase secretion of Growth factors and cytokines
  5. High density linear effect by fibrous bridging effect
  6. Augmentation effect by insertion of densely coiled tread (coiled length 2cm, spread length 10cm)
  7. Continuous mechanotransduction effect
  8. High cell cultivation with large contact area