About Rosmetics

Rosmetics Aesthetics Ltd has been a business for over 20 years, distributing to professional doctors, nurses, GPs, Surgeons and many other professional practitioners. Rosmetics has a wide product range and have the sole distribution rights for the following products:

  • A Chemical Skin Peel – VI Peel, a skin peel range for Fitzpatricks skin type 1-6. This peel can be used to treat aging skin, acne, damaged skin, wrinkles, melasma, hyperpigmentation.
  • Skin Care Range – VI Derm
  • Regen – PRP, enclosed all in one system
  • Cytocare – Mesotherapy Products
  • Dermal Filler Range – Stylage, is the only HA filler which cross links Lidocaine with Mannitol.
  • Blunt Cannuale – Magic Needles
  • Cosmetic Medicine has always been an area of growth no more so than in the last decade. Many people are now striving to become healthier, fitter and more youthful.

    Here at Rosmetics we can’t offer you a longer life or eternal prosperity, but what we can offer is the ability to help you look more youthful without resorting to surgery.

    Technology has now evolved to a level of sophistication that offers virtually no side effects with minimal recovery time, ensuring little disruption to your schedule.

    We aim to offer a supreme level of service and care that you would come to expect, with Highly advanced techniques to ensure the highest level of results are always achieved. Please take some time to look through our procedures and services which we hope will answer any questions you may have, or alternatively please use our enquiry form for any information you may require.

    Ros Bown RGN is our Medical Aesthetic and independent practitioner. She has also worked at the Nuffield Hospital for 25 years, predominately leading plastic surgery, and worked for The Hospital Group in Bromsgrove, Harley Street, London, and Deans Gates Manchester leading the aesthetic treatments.