Are the treatments painful?

One of the benefits of going to a clinic led by Ros is that she uses the latest techniques to make procedures as comfortable as possible. However this all depends on the persons pain threshold.

How do I know the doctor is properly qualified?

All our practitioners have been trained in the UK and qualified. They have extensive experience in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. All have attended specialist training for all the treatments that we offer and now Ros runs training on multiple treatments. If you would like further reassurance please look online at the General Medical Council’s list of Registered Practitioners.

What do I do if I have a problem or am not happy with the result?

Rosmetics offers an extensive follow-up program at no additional cost and we will see you immediately with any problems, should they occur. Ros is also available on her mobile during any time through the day to offer advice and help.

Can I have a treatment straight after a consultation?

Yes, treatments can follow straight after a consultation as long as both parties involved are happy to continue. However we appreciate some patients want to go away and thinking about treatments before continuing.

How can I pay for treatments?

We accept cash, cheques and the following debit/credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards, Maestro, Solo and American Express. We also accept BACs transfers and offer a finance package for customers ongoing a year treatment plan.