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Untitled design 3 3
hyabell products image 2
The treatment is easy and quick. Thanks to its soft extrusion force and the use of thin needles provided, the injections are precise, simple and almonst painless. Using enclosed thin needles (27G) HYABELL® products can be injected slowly in the mid or deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue by linear withdrawal technique (tunnel technique), by serial puncture- or fan-technique or by a combination of these techniques. With HYABELL® products, optimal volumising effect is easy to obtain, with less quantity to be injected. No overcorrection is needed.

Phentermine Buy Canada, Buying Phentermine In Canada

Hyaluronic acid 2

Injectability of fillers with 27G TSK needles


HYABELL® provides additional comfort for patient and doctor through
smooth injectability. The extrusion force of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is clinically relevant, because the physician must inject the hyaluronic acid dermal filler through a thin needle into soft tissue. 

The extrusion force of prefilled syringes can be determined by means of a testing device according to DIN EN ISO 7886-1 (Annex G: Determination of forces required to operate the plunger).Above chart shows significantly low force and homogeneous extrusion
of HYABELL® fillers versus others. The measurements of the extrusion
force were performed with a 27G needle.

Lips – for lip contouring and lip augmentation

lips satisfaction

Basic – for middle to deep dermis injection,
correction of moderate facial wrinkles and folds

satisfaction for basic
basic wrinkles 1

Deep – for deep dermis,
correction of deep folds

deep wrinkles
deep satisfaction

Ultra – for subcutaneous tissue,
correction of deep folds and facial volumising

Satisfaction ultra
ultra 2