Atelocollagen Linerase is an intense anti-aging treatment which prevents the loss of skin’s elasticity. Not only does it prevent a wrinkling effect but it will also treat additional skin conditions such as acne scars and athropic scars.

Collagen equates for approximately 30% of the total protein in the human body and is responsible for adhesion, tissue regeneration as well as elasticity and firmness of the skin. You may be surprised to know that we start to lose our natural collagen from the age of approximately 25 where we lose 1.5% of it per year.

This is preventable.

LINERASE is the only type I atelocollagen available on the market. It is a bioactive composite for mesotherapy, which regenerates the skin and restores its elasticity. It rebuilds lost fibrobrasts and helps to improve the condition of the skin, making it look more youthful. The collagen (type I atelocollagen) used in Linerase differs from the ones used to produce everyday cosmetics. This collagen based biomaterial does not lead to any allergic reactions, it is biodegradable and biocompatible (fully absorbable by the body).

Linerase is applied to: ◾ Face, eyes skin, mouth area ◾ Cleavage ◾ Neck ◾ Back of your hands ◾ Arms ◾ Belly ◾ inner thighs

Linerase Peel Off

According to recent scientific findings, we propose a new approach named “epidermal bio-regeneration”. Here we use enhanced retinol to correct the maturation to keratinocytes of the epidermal basal layer.

Retinol penetration in the epidermis is enhanced with a low dosage of alpha-hydroxy acids and resorcinol. These substances can open the way to the other actives present in this product, such as collagen-derived oligopeptides with growth factor-like activity, hyaluronic acids and vitamin C. The epidermal bio-regeneration is performed with a peel off technology that ensures a long-lasting effect. This treatment can be delivered in sequence with dermal bio-regeneration, both immediately before and after it, to enhance the global effect.

Linerase Restoring Mask

The mask is applied after injective treatment and left for 10-20 minutes. The mask is made with zinc oxide to assure complete occlusion of every eventual hole remaining after injective procedure. Other ingredients assure a soothing effect such as Aloe, Hamamelis and Calendula while Bisabolol and Panthenol have an anti-inflammatory effect. Sodium hyaluronate ensures good hydration.

Linerase Anti-Aging Cream

A lightweight moisturiser suitable for all skin types that gives instant hydration and reduces and prevents fine lines. It combines anti-oxidant and regenerating action due to the high concentration of its active ingredients (collagen, panthenol, vitamin F and silybin). Its action protects skin from environmental damage and provides a visible anti-aging effect, leaving the skin with a smooth non-greasy finish. Suitable for all skin types.