Hand Volumisation

Loss of volume in hands.

Hands lose volume as we age, the subcutaneous layers of fat thin and we lose about 7% of skin thickness per decade. This allows veins, bones and tendons in the hands to become more prominent or “skeletonised”.

This loss of volume can be reversed with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Hyacorp.

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HYAcorp is a range of dermal fillers and is the most advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid – safe, biocompatible and non-animal in origin – suitable for restoring volumes and remodelling of the body AND face.The Hyaluronic acid used in the production of HYAcorp products is endotoxin and BDDE free. Protein concentrations are not significant and the HA is tested BSE-free and of non-animal origin.

HYAcorp injections make it possible to restore and reshape the buttocks, calves, cheekbones and all areas of the body and face. The treatment provided is not a surgical procedure. It is carried out to outpatients under a local anesthetic. The results are visible with immediate effect.

Body Fillers

With no stitches, scars and downtime required, hyaluronic acid body fillers provide the patient with a fast and safe alternative to re-shape the body. HYAcorp body line is composed of two products, HYAcorp MLF1 and MLF2. While they have the same concentration of hyaluronic acid (20mg), the size of their particles differs. HYAcorp MLF1 is designed for the contour and re-shaping of small areas of the body like hands, correction of concave deformities or calves. With bigger particles, HYAcorp MLF2 is specially designed for the volume and contour of the buttocks.