Medical Skin Care

The VI Derm® Skin Care Line is designed to enhance and extend the results of your VI Peel

These products have been formulated using the most innovative, cutting edge technology combining the highest quality ingredients to protect and nourish the skin, pre or post your VI Peel®.

Use of the proper daily care products is essential to maintain the results of your VI Peel® treatment. Ros will suggest the appropriate VI Derm® products customised for your skin type and concerns.

VI Derm 8oz Cleanser - All skin types


VI Derm 1oz Vitamin C 20% Gel


VI Derm 1.75oz Clear HQ Free


VI Derm 2oz SPF 50+


VI Derm 1.6oz Complete Care Normal/Dry


VI Derm 1.6oz Complete Care - Oily


VI Derm 1.6oz Complete Care - Acne Prone


VI Derm 8oz Body Wash - 15%


VI Derm 8oz Body Lotion - 15%


VI Derm 2oz Advanced Firming Lotion


VI Derm 0.5oz Eye Cream


VI Derm 1oz Ultra A Cream


VI Derm 1.75oz HQ Plus


VI Derm 1oz Intense Hydration Serum

Starter Kits

VI Derm Starter Kit Dry/Normal, Oily & Hyperpigmentation


VI Derm Starter Kit Acne