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The Regenera system consists of disposable devices called Rigeneracons and Adipecons. These can be used in conjunction with different activation devices such as the Regenera machine or the Sicurdrill device. Rigeneracons and Adipecons devices are mechanical disruptors of biological tissues (eg derma, connective tissue, bone tissue, dental pulp and fat) that allow to obtain micro-grafts in an autologous, homologous and minimally invasive way.

Using Regenera – The obtained adipose micro-grafts help dermatologists, plastic surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons achieve effective results in the many procedures in which the adipose tissue is used. After disruption, the micro-grafts suspension can be used alone or in combination with other devices. Scientific studies show that after disintegration, the viability of micro-grafts is 75-80%. With Regenera HBW technology, between 5000 and 8000 micro-grafts can be obtained for each ml of lipoaspirate.

This technology has obtained CEFDA and FMA certification.

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Body fat in healthy adults is contained for the most part in adipose tissue, collected in groups and organised in small lobules along the path of blood vessels. 




Regenera technology for the treatment of alopecia allows the follicles to produce new hair and stimulates those that are already active.

The procedure can be performed without the use of external chemical agents, is quick (lasting no more than 30 minutes), painless and above all effective: the first obvious results are already seen at 30 days.

Scientific evidence shows that after the disintegration of the tissue taken, the viability of the micro-grafts is equal to 75-80%. Micro-grafts contain a high percentage of pericet and endothelial cells: they play a key role in tissue regeneration by promoting revascularisation and regrowth.


Vitiligo is a relatively common disorder characterised by depigmented patches of skin.

The treatment of vitiligo is related to clinical classification/characteristics of the disease and is usually based on two different strategies.

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The first is to arrest the progression of active disease, thus limiting the area involved by depigmentation, whilst the second strategy aims at repigmentation of the affected area.

By using Regenera, there is an improvement of skin texture after few months from the time of treatment.

How does the micrograft protocol influence the treatment already carried out?

It contributes growth factors contained in the cells of the vasculo-stromal system (SVE). It is advisable that the hypo-pigmented lesion diagnosed as vitiligo has remained stable for the last three years without growth or dissemination.


Regenera Technology is based on two fundamental pillars of regenerative biology:

Principle 1:

 The side population: Numerous scientific papers have demonstrated that progenitor cells reside within a population with determined morphological features called ‘side population’. The main features of this population are:

1) the size

2) the expression of stem markers which are significantly higher than in the wild population.

Principle 2:

The niche concept: By preserving extra cellular matrix environment, the cells after desegregation still stand in their own physiological niche, that supports and gives them the chance to differentiate, like Growth factors and ECM

Regenera Advantages