Treatment Area Approx. Duration Prices from
Armpits 60 mins £495

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is abnormally excessive sweating that is not related to heat or exercise. You may sweat so much that it soaks through clothing. As well as being a disruption to normal activity, hyperhidrosis can be a cause of great social anxiety and embarrassment.

Treatment with botulinum toxin temporarily blocks the nerves that cause the excessive sweating. For many people, treatment can drastically improve their quality of life.

What happens during your consultation?

Our aesthetics nurse, Ros Bown, will carefully listen to your concerns and discuss with you the best course of treatment to attain your desired goals. Each stage of the process will be fully explained to you during this initial consultation and throughout your treatment plan.

During the treatment

The treatment area will be anesthetised first. Then, the botulinum toxin is gently injected into specific areas of the body affected by hyperhidrosis. Effective treatment will require several injections in the affected area to form a grid pattern.

After the treatment

Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment. It will take normally two to seven days to stop sweating in the affected areas and another two weeks to achieve total dryness.

The effects are temporary and usually last between four and fourteen months.


Procedure Time: Approximately 60 minutes

Anaesthetic: Local

Downtime: None

Risks/Complications: Redness, swelling, temporary muscle weakness

Results: Significant improvement within two days and up to two weeks for total dryness

Duration of Results: From four to fourteen months

Pain: Mild/Moderate

Full Recovery: 48 Hours