Gosis Fat Transfer

The Goisis systems have been designed to deliver the highest performance for mini-invasive fat transfer and fat grafting procedures. Goisis Box: the complete single-use system for controlled filtration and washing of the fat (patent pending)

FAT TRANSFER  (The Goisis System)


Dr.Goisis received his medical degree from Milan University. He is Certified in Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Goisis is a Cosmetic Surgeon and Clinical researcher and is founder and medical director of Studio Medico and Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Center Sant Ambrogio in Milan, which offers a wide range of cosmetic corrections from Facial to Eyes. Dr. Goisis is often called upon by National and International medical and scientific groups to inform and teach doctors on the recent advances in medical and aesthetic cosmetic correction. As an invited speaker, he has lectured extensively in Europe and America. In recent years Dr. Goisis has lectured in Europe and in the United States about the value of aesthetic and regenerative procedures.  

Different steps, different links of the same chain


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

If one the link of the chain is weak, then all the procedure will be compromised.. In the case of fat transfer, the fat cells will not survive and will not regenerate in the recipient area.


Superior harvesting

Fat harvesting is the procedure of obtaining adipose tissue through the use of suction cannulas. The patented Goisis micro-cannula has a small diameter (2mm) with blunt tip and 6 ports. The main advantages of the Goisis cannula are related to faster times of treatment compared with other Microcannulas. In fact aspiration of fat with Goisis Cannula is performed with a rotational movement.


Simplicity and efficiency

The Goisis System is very simple, because is based on mono-directional check valves. These valves open automatically: the fat and the blood are directed and moved into the different part of the system without need of turn valves.

The efficiency of lipofilling method can be valuated in term of time consuming and in term of loosing of fat during the preparation.

In term of time consuming, usually, the use of small cannulas with small ports reduces the viscosity of the harvested fat but increases the time of the procedure. An exception is the Goisis cannula. In fact, the shape of the multiple ports yields a big volume of aspirated tissue with each rotational stroke. The low viscosity of fat guarantees faster and simpler injection with small cannula.

Some low-efficiency methods require the harvest of 100cc or more of fat to obtain 20cc of processed fat, whilst others lose 80cc into the processing system. With the Goisis system there is a dispersion of 3cc of fat. This means that 23cc of fat are sufficient to have 20cc of processed fat ready to be injected.

Innovation and certifications

The Goisis system is based on 4 patents. The European evaluation confirmed novelty, inventive steps and industrial applicability of the system.

The Goisis Box, the Goisis Kit and the Goisis Single use cannula have CE Mark, ISO certification and Clean energy certification.

Goisis System for Microfat Micro fat steps are like a chain with many links:

  • Fat Harvesting
  • Removal of blood
  • and anasthesia
  • Production of PRP
  • Mixing of fat with PRP
  • Injection in the donor area
  • Regeneration and ASCs differentiation

    Arranging the contents

    Open and dispose the content of the box onto the sterile field, in particular:

  • 3 luer-lock syringes 60cc
  • 2 luer-lock syringes10cc
  • 1 manifold with valves for filtration and washing
  • 1 fat filter anesthesia
  • anesthesia transferring of fat into the system filtration injecting the fat
  • 0