What is HYAcorp?

HYAcorp is a range of dermal fillers made from crosslinked hyaluronic acid for restoring the bolume and contouring the face and body. Each of the products vary in crosslinking degree, particle size and concentration of HA. Picking the correct combination of these three factors allows you to choose the product that best suits each area.

Your Treatment

Treatment with HYAcorp is not a surgical procedure. It is carried out to outpatients under local anaesthetic. The result is immediately visible. After treatment the patient can start work again, or enjoy leisure activities. HYAcorp presents a natural opportunity without the use of implants,autologous fat injections, autologous tissue engineering or surgical procedures. It binds moisture perfectly and at the same time simulates the regeneration of collagen. This provides the skin with renewed elasticity and restores the facial harmony.

Injecting Levels

The duration of the filling effect can vary, and is dependent on the depth and area of injection. The depth of the injection may differ from subcutaneous to supraperiostal administration depending on the treatment site. 

The degree of crosslinking defines the elasticity and duration of the product. Treatment in deeper skin structures require a firmer product, a high cross-linked HA should be used. On the other hand, areas intended to be soft after treatment, for example face and lips, need a lower level of crosslinking. 

Facial Fillers

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Body Fillers

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Specialist training available on request. Please Contact Us for more information.